xl blaze 08:10

xl blaze

by bigballsnow
4445 views, 102 days ago

fun with my new xl blaze

Ika XL bouncing 01:38

Ika XL bouncing

by Foxwix
3207 views, 142 days ago

My Ika XL (soft) is the best for stretching :-3 I love it! I used my sticky clear lube this time

Squarepeg Mel XXL on a Fucking Machine 04:13

Squarepeg Mel XXL on a Fucking Machine

by Shardik
4405 views, 164 days ago

It's me, taking the Mel XXL (11.5" long, 8.5" circumference) from Squarepeg on a fucking machine, in this case a Sneaky Pete, at almost full power. While the clip is short, only about 4 ...

Short XL Gryphon Knotting 02:06

Short XL Gryphon Knotting

by NaughtyFoxButt
2703 views, 285 days ago

Me knotting my XL Gryphon camera ran out of space during the session and I didn't realise until I had finished lol.

XL Nova - first time 08:12

XL Nova - first time

by NaughtyFoxButt
2313 views, 285 days ago

First time with the XL Nova, that knot is crazy huge and requires alot of pushing down to get in but is really worth it.

XL Nova 07:47

XL Nova

by ErinTheFurry
9995 views, 368 days ago

I've been enjoying this guy for the past several months and finally got around to making a video. Unfortunately it's still super hard to knot him so I wasn't able to in this video. I also got a new...

Cole from Behind 07:55

Cole from Behind

by Zoen
5390 views, 416 days ago

Mmm...that knot~... Also decided to leave that little blooper in after mentioning it to someone to show that not every session of mine goes as planned.

Stan Squeezes In 12:00

Stan Squeezes In

by Zoen
10785 views, 436 days ago

I got this lovely beauty yesterday, and after a total attempt time of a little over 2 hours over 2 days (and a little tip from someone who was watching), I finally managed to get Stan to squeeze hi...