Knots n Gapes: Tucker 04:13

Knots n Gapes: Tucker

768 views, 91 days ago

Knotting Tucker is easy nowadays. There's some mild gape and a bit of my face.

Dragoness Quicky 2 01:39

Dragoness Quicky 2

982 views, 97 days ago

Back at it again with a cock-hungry, sloppy dragon muzzle

Knotted Bruiser 01:23

Knotted Bruiser

620 views, 123 days ago

Sticky playtime with a Medium Bruiser! Knotted with ease~!

Getting Plowed by Bruiser 01:24

Getting Plowed by Bruiser

965 views, 362 days ago

After my long session in the morning, I was nice and stretched enough to take Bruiser hard~!

Dicks for Breakfast 2: Ika 04:29

Dicks for Breakfast 2: Ika

618 views, 362 days ago

We continue the steamy session with Ika! This was my favorite, honestly.

Dicks for Breakfast 1: Rex 04:17

Dicks for Breakfast 1: Rex

507 views, 362 days ago

I was feeling UBER frisky this morning, and decided to take ALL my toys~!

Almost Knotted Tucker!! 03:08

Almost Knotted Tucker!!

857 views, 410 days ago

So close! And yet so hot! There will come a day when I can take all of this horse, but not today.

Vortex Playtime (mini Rex) 02:59

Vortex Playtime (mini Rex)

536 views, 411 days ago

Poor Vortex, this little doggy from outer space has been waiting forever to fill someone's tight hole with his alien seed. Luckily, I was around!