Kira and the Orkin 15:17

Kira and the Orkin

18063 views, 4631 days ago

Just a video of me and my Orkin having some fun.. Sorry about the battery dying though.. I did try to edit the video so it's not as noticeable as it originally was.. :3

Kira and the Seadragon.. 08:08

Kira and the Seadragon..

10001 views, 4632 days ago

*giggles* Just me and my Seadragon.. I'm still giddy how much I could take.. ;3

Showering With My Seadragon.. 11:54

Showering With My Seadragon..

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*blushes* Well.. this is me and my new Seadragon.. This is only my second time using him, and I thought I'd try him in the shower.. Sadly, no matter what it might look like, I can't...

Riding the Anthro Orca, part 2 03:21

Riding the Anthro Orca, part 2

8595 views, 4708 days ago

This is the second part of my ride with my Anthro Orca.. Nyaa! He always feels soo good in my tailhole..

Riding the Anthro Dragon.. 08:56

Riding the Anthro Dragon..

16674 views, 4709 days ago

This was something new for me.. this was literally the very first time I used the Anthro Dragon (after stretching of course). I didn't know what to expect, and I wanted to give my viewers someth...

Nyaa! Not so rough! 13:53

Nyaa! Not so rough!

27302 views, 4709 days ago

Well.. I had debated posting this for some time, but I decided to anyway.. This is the infamous video I was shooting when things got a little rough with my Anthro Dragon.. resulting in a tear an...

Riding the Anthro Orca, part 1 04:05

Riding the Anthro Orca, part 1

34358 views, 4709 days ago

This is the first part of me riding my Anthro Orca..