Knot Fucking w/ Austin 03:16

Knot Fucking w/ Austin

1578 views, 515 days ago

Slowly getting used to the knot on my Large Austin. Had a hard time containing myself in this one but I figured I'd share anyway! Having a knot in you grinding around will make ya go a little nuts

Knotting Austin w/ Cumshot! 02:45

Knotting Austin w/ Cumshot!

1943 views, 525 days ago

Trying out some new riding/grinding methods with my Large Austin and the way I was going about it in this video was really effective for helping with the knot! It feels so full and I actually went ...

Slow Ride w/ Mr Marcus 03:42

Slow Ride w/ Mr Marcus

837 views, 526 days ago

Goin to town on my 9" Doc Johnson Mr Marcus toy. For some reason this session really got me going and feeling him in me while sliding him out felt incredible. He was really hitting my spot! St...