The Lord of The Seas - Lagiacrus 05:21

The Lord of The Seas - Lagiacrus

by GoreMagala
6855 views, 52 days ago

Wanted to try out my new equipment, including microphone and webcam. Hopefully there's a boost in quality, enjoy the video!

Bred till I squirt 05:13

Bred till I squirt

by Stuckontheknot1
9550 views, 78 days ago

Very horny today and needed to cum even more so I fucked myself till I squirted all over!~ Taking my Large Frisky Beast Atlas Lion and Medium Legacy Breeder

Knot fucking with Orion and Nocturne 06:59

Knot fucking with Orion and Nocturne

by Stuckontheknot1
5261 views, 78 days ago

Finally got some time between work and everything to toy and record!~ Sorry for the lighting, I have skylights at my new place and couldn't cover them! My Blue Ritual Orion and BD Small Nocturn...

HotRajangDickin' + Nakadashi/Creampie 04:01

HotRajangDickin' + Nakadashi/Creampie

by GoreMagala
9360 views, 103 days ago

Fun times with my large Tyson~

Mounted by Sleipnir 09:27

Mounted by Sleipnir

by Katze
7259 views, 117 days ago

Sorry it’s vertical, right when I stopped recording was when I realized I should have recorded it horizontally. Whoops. Hopefully it was still worth posting! This video shows how I normally toy:...

Leaky Cockatrice >. 03:36

Leaky Cockatrice >.

by GoreMagala
10872 views, 149 days ago

Had a more harsh playtime with Mr. Cockatrice today <3 I used a type of foaming lube, so it looks a bit like cum!

Properly Knotted 01:20

Properly Knotted

by Eirick
10224 views, 162 days ago

Wearing my Austin for a couple hours, just doing normal things....wanna see?

Knotting Medium Fenrir! 08:05

Knotting Medium Fenrir!

by GoreMagala
8474 views, 163 days ago

Relaxed fun in the dark with my Fenrir <3