Bad Dragon XL Crackers 01:18

Bad Dragon XL Crackers

by badDragonuser1
594 views, 2 days ago

It’s took me a while to get to this point , I can almost take it all the way !

How many Knots in a minute? 02:10

How many Knots in a minute?

by yoshibutt
1113 views, 5 days ago

How many knots can you take in a minute?

First ride on Kyorg 01:52

First ride on Kyorg

by AssRoo
4165 views, 339 days ago

Quick vid of my fist time with the awesome Kyorg from AkiFu Toys.

Pearce the Orc Gameplay - Bad Dragon 21:32

Pearce the Orc Gameplay - Bad Dragon

by Arbenzu
8030 views, 358 days ago

Grab your joystick, let's play a game. Yeah, I made a fake retro videogame for this video using the official Bad Dragon art, sorry for the cringe, but who doesn't like that a beefy orc with a fat d...

Riding XL Terra 01:39

Riding XL Terra

by AssRoo
1657 views, 380 days ago

Warming myself up for the really big boys

XL Terra gaping my hole 03:57

XL Terra gaping my hole

by AssRoo
2924 views, 514 days ago

I love Terra he leaves my hole gaping so nicely.

Dripping XL Clayton 13:20

Dripping XL Clayton

by Arbenzu
3264 views, 788 days ago

Old vid, was a long time since I try this big, so I couldn't hilt it (I'll update when I have a better vid of that). The toy is a XL Clayton, soft shaft firm base, in the old Ridley's signature col...

xl rex 05:25

xl rex

by bigballsnow
7266 views, 1589 days ago

many fun with my new xl rex und 100ml selfmade cumlube