Taking a MASSIVE Sleipnir! 02:18

Taking a MASSIVE Sleipnir!

by Shadow97
553 views, 1 days ago

Fuck this thing is massive!! (Also looking for someone to have some fun with. I'm lonely over here. XD)

Large flint assault 04:06

Large flint assault

by Enaehearts
1101 views, 7 days ago

I can finally ride him when i want ~! <3 god i am just in love with him. In the process i can take a diameter of four now... Hehehe



by Mattdabratt
1035 views, 10 days ago

Meet Mr. Hankey - Chode, just the right length and super thick! This dildo is a fat toy without extreme length. The Chode is a powerhouse cock that will fill you up like nothing else! The Chode sta...

XXL giant butt plug 04:12

XXL giant butt plug

by Boytoy4u2plug
1275 views, 32 days ago

XXL giant butt plug

16 inches of Mr. Hankey's. Largo pt. 1 01:20

16 inches of Mr. Hankey's. Largo pt. 1

by Greedybttmboy
784 views, 42 days ago

Deep training

It's nox gonna fit! 06:38

It's nox gonna fit!

by LoopyLupine
2180 views, 43 days ago

I've had Nox for nearly a year but only just managing to get this far. He big. XL, medium firmness.

Can't Beat XL Clayton 06:53

Can't Beat XL Clayton

by Eight88
1338 views, 44 days ago

Quickie with a dragon! I still can't hilt him though. Practice, practice, right?

large chance fun 01:11

large chance fun

by wonderpup
928 views, 47 days ago

just a short vid. what you think?