Cumming in Nix (again) 01:02

Cumming in Nix (again)

1690 views, 34 days ago

Title says it all! I’ve been addicted to this gal since she came out, and this is one of the better of about 10 attempts to film a finish

Nix internal view 00:58

Nix internal view

2226 views, 34 days ago

My newly minted favorite dragoness! This ones so easy to get an internal shot of, and she just looks soo good in there, I couldn’t help myself!

Nix’s second load 3/3 02:50

Nix’s second load 3/3

2899 views, 53 days ago

Second time finishing with this beauty, obviously on the low-output side since she drained all I had just yesterday! Still fun to paint her slit after a fun pounding

Nix side view doggystyle 2/3 01:19

Nix side view doggystyle 2/3

2658 views, 53 days ago

A rather nice view of this gorgeously sculpted toy from her side! Brings out how much nicer it is than a traditional ‘sleeve’, seeing her adorable rump and tail in action!!

Nix’s second go! 1/3 00:28

Nix’s second go! 1/3

2216 views, 53 days ago

A few small views of the second go with Nix! Less of a hair trigger this time, so I got to try out some fun positions with her!

Nix’s maiden voyage 01:14

Nix’s maiden voyage

2424 views, 54 days ago

First go at Nix, remembered to pull out my camera towards the end. Damn is this one amazing toy, couldn’t sing her praises more!

Unloading in Alice 00:24

Unloading in Alice

2071 views, 150 days ago

My cute little bunny taking a admittedly pent up load to please her master!

Alice rut warmup 00:25

Alice rut warmup

1507 views, 150 days ago

Getting my cute little bunny ready for a thorough breeding!