First time with XL Dexter 05:55

First time with XL Dexter

by xZFhK301
2999 views, 44 days ago

Got my new XL Dexter from Bad Dragon. I think they could go bigger next time - what do you think? :) From their product page.... Circumference of Head (inches) 8.25 Circumference of Knot (inc...

xl crackers hands free from behind 05:51

xl crackers hands free from behind

by bigballsnow
4557 views, 242 days ago

my xl crackers knotted me totally hands free from behind

xl blaze 08:10

xl blaze

by bigballsnow
6363 views, 245 days ago

fun with my new xl blaze

Squarepeg Mel XXL on a Fucking Machine 04:13

Squarepeg Mel XXL on a Fucking Machine

by Shardik
5328 views, 308 days ago

It's me, taking the Mel XXL (11.5" long, 8.5" circumference) from Squarepeg on a fucking machine, in this case a Sneaky Pete, at almost full power. While the clip is short, only about 4 ...

Eightrabbit versus Slither 05:45

Eightrabbit versus Slither

by eightrabbit
39578 views, 1044 days ago

My friend the Ass Magician tries to put all 26" in me.

Something black, something blue... 00:50

Something black, something blue...

by kidsune
38334 views, 1323 days ago

Something big, something new ^_^

XL Flint playtime 06:20

XL Flint playtime

by Mikey
101985 views, 1533 days ago

This is my first video attempt, so....yeah. After getting myself all frisky with my EE Wuffamute, I decided go for a ride on my newest acquisition, and share it with the world. The ridges on the un...

XL Werewolf knotting 04:12

XL Werewolf knotting

by diabolos
74957 views, 2018 days ago

I've a knotted my XL Werewolf.