Triple Header 06:50

Triple Header

by MikeyM
4842 views, 314 days ago

An extra-large Nox recently joined the stable and I haven't had a chance to show him off yet. But what's a video without my old favourites Apollo and Flint? Throw them in and I got myself a party! ...

Femboy Gets Fucked With His Underwear on by a Large Anthro Dragon 02:19

Femboy Gets Fucked With His Underwear on by a Large Anthro Dragon

by KohaiSama
11379 views, 478 days ago

Long time no see~ I thought I would have some fun with the shots in the beginning, but overall I think this is my worst video so far >.< Lots of the shots turned out blurry or shaky, so I a...

Playing with my large Rex and Were-able. 01:04

Playing with my large Rex and Were-able.

by JackalTR
7515 views, 757 days ago

Was playing on cam with a friend and my mate, figured I could record the end results so everyone could enjoy! Sorry for the poor quality I will work on it if I decide to make more videos in the fut...

 Sparking off with Flint 05:43

Sparking off with Flint

by gargoyleboi
6600 views, 757 days ago

So I wasn't going to originally recorded this butt play session but I ended up deciding to anyway it turned out pretty good and I actually filmed it landscape this time AND rendered it properly. H...

Knotfucking XL Cole the Dane 06:09

Knotfucking XL Cole the Dane

by varka
29519 views, 895 days ago

Cramming myself with XL Cole the Dane - god I love getting rammed by his knot over and over~ XL Cole from here: Got a toy video request? Hit me up on Twitt...

Rex - 4 knots at once 07:11

Rex - 4 knots at once

by varka
39180 views, 1266 days ago

Messing around with all five sizes of Rex the German Shepherd from Bad Dragon. Juuuuust manage to get all four of the smaller sizes in at one time. Woo, quadruple knotted!

XL T-Rex - Second Ride 06:33

XL T-Rex - Second Ride

by varka
68488 views, 1267 days ago

A second video of riding the T-rex. I get a bit further down on it this time! Still love him so much <3

Conquering the knot 12:42

Conquering the knot

by Mika
13855 views, 1491 days ago

Finally made a vid showing me taking my XL Fusion's knot! It's such an amazing feeling. I just wish I could keep myself on it. Then I switch over to my Janine to finish off. Kinda surprised I last...