Nix side view doggystyle 2/3 01:19

Nix side view doggystyle 2/3

by Foxy_Bunny
3108 views, 79 days ago

A rather nice view of this gorgeously sculpted toy from her side! Brings out how much nicer it is than a traditional ‘sleeve’, seeing her adorable rump and tail in action!!

Plump Rump 03:29

Plump Rump

by TrashToys
2745 views, 106 days ago

Trying out a new way to hold my phone whilst playing with my Two Hole Horse Sex Toy from Dirty Internet Toys. Sorry about the phone rotation. I'm still working out the best setup.

Unloading in Alice 00:24

Unloading in Alice

by Foxy_Bunny
2172 views, 176 days ago

My cute little bunny taking a admittedly pent up load to please her master!

Muzzle fucking 01:53

Muzzle fucking

by daddyrappy
868 views, 206 days ago

Video of me cumming inside dukes muzzle

"Xanthos" Horse Muzzle 2 02:17

"Xanthos" Horse Muzzle 2

by Tokimitsu
2484 views, 291 days ago

so good toy,

Trying Out The Chance Sheath 06:56

Trying Out The Chance Sheath

by MrDrake
4889 views, 967 days ago

Got the Chance Sheath awhile ago and have been wanting to have it used on me. Haven't had the chance to hang out with a friend yet so I tried it out on a toy. Was pretty fun and I look forward to m...

XL T-Rex Hilted 05:43

XL T-Rex Hilted

by varka
473685 views, 1436 days ago

It can be done!

First vid, hard fucking with Basilisk sheath 03:05

First vid, hard fucking with Basilisk sheath

by tightcpl
75108 views, 1580 days ago

A quick upload, I decided to video from behind. There seems to be a general lack of content in straight sex with big sleeves like this. For perspective, I'm around 7.5" and I stick out about a...