Tag teamed by 2 beasts,Sleipnir and crackers 05:16

Tag teamed by 2 beasts,Sleipnir and crackers

1268 views, 126 days ago

Bad dragon Large Sleipnir In firm and large crackers in medium

1st ride on Sleipnir 02:38

1st ride on Sleipnir

841 views, 175 days ago

Bad dragon large Sleipnir eight firmness with suction cup. This is a beast and took me by surprise!! It says the head is 9 1/2 " circumference but Dam it's massive. Sort video I couldn't ta...

Hilted large crackers 05:29

Hilted large crackers

1180 views, 182 days ago

I love the girth of this monster!! Once it pops in is a rush of sensation and I can't get enough ! Love sliding all the way down this massive beast and feeling completely full inside!!!!

Crackers 02:49


849 views, 253 days ago

Bad bad dragon large crackers makes me bleed it has been three months sense last time I rode this beast.

Bad dragon large crackers 03:18

Bad dragon large crackers

2328 views, 344 days ago

This is my newest toy from bad dragon and it's a beast.

Apollo 01:42


1928 views, 448 days ago

Bad dragon large apollo soft firmness. Still trying to master his huge 10.25 inch knot and it is stretching me like no other!!! Can't wait till it just pops in and out !

Large apollo 04:22

Large apollo

2195 views, 466 days ago

My first bad dragon and is it a beast!!! Can't take knot yet but oh how good it feels!!