Apollo Chimera 03:50

Apollo Chimera

by MikeyM
3279 views, 251 days ago

Fun with a large Apollo the chimera (in medium firmness). This is one of my first BD purchases and still a favourite due to its texture and "stout" size (going deep isn't my forte). I tak...

Riding Flint 04:05

Riding Flint

by MikeyM
1465 views, 255 days ago

My large Flint is one of my favorites, for its texture, shape, and girth. He is also stiff enough (in medium) for a hands-free insertion.

a bunch of bd toys 08:29

a bunch of bd toys

by NaughtyFoxButt
3453 views, 279 days ago

Toys are: XL Gryphon, XL Nox, XL Tucker and Large Flint

xl crackers hands free from behind 05:51

xl crackers hands free from behind

by bigballsnow
5355 views, 465 days ago

my xl crackers knotted me totally hands free from behind

Clash of the XL (dragons) 08:28

Clash of the XL (dragons)

by MikeyM
5626 views, 660 days ago

I let five XL dragons ravaged my behind - Trent, David, Gryphon, Bruiser and Xar. I didn't manage to take in Xar's enormous 13" circumference, but I look forward to that. Please comment and...

xl Sleipnir 02:56

xl Sleipnir

by bigballsnow
4881 views, 679 days ago

fun with my xl sleipnir

XL Cockatrice Ride 02:34

XL Cockatrice Ride

by varka
19236 views, 755 days ago

Some nice hot footage of me taking on XL Crackers the Cockatrice, from Bad Dragon: http://bad-dragon.com/products/crackers Got any requests? Ask me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/stretchy...

Flint Fucking 01:38

Flint Fucking

by MikeyM
4281 views, 863 days ago

The Flint continues to satisfy, as you can probably tell by the amount of precum I'm drooling! I just love feeling its texture and girth, as I slam down on all that silicone (once I'm warmed up of ...