Quicky with Chance! 07:35

Quicky with Chance!

by Shadow97
1267 views, 170 days ago

This was the first time 2 years ago I managed to take my large Chance past the second point. My GAWD did he feel good going in deep. x3 Sorry about the vid going upside down. I thought my iPad woul...

Throat Fucking Machine 02:10

Throat Fucking Machine

by Toyholer
2548 views, 407 days ago

Try my new fucking machine to fuck my throat. Works awesome to duck my mouth. Love it.

Mr Hankey XL El Rey 02:56

Mr Hankey XL El Rey

by Toyholer
2940 views, 491 days ago

I love this thing! It's huge and is a real challenge. It's soft which I love but still sturdy enough to be able to sit on it. I can't wait til I can take the whole thing.

Im back trying XL Nova after a long break :) 03:14

Im back trying XL Nova after a long break :)

by NaughtyFoxButt
5170 views, 605 days ago

been on a long toying break and trying to ride my XL nova... seriously struggling with the larger toys now :(

XL Infinity Star Flint 08:08

XL Infinity Star Flint

by Mika
9586 views, 641 days ago

Very pretty toy! So glad I asked support for this custom color. I've actually had this big guy since Feb, been using it pretty much nightly ever since. Love the way the head tugs on its way out. Su...

 Sparking off with Flint 05:43

Sparking off with Flint

by gargoyleboi
6692 views, 795 days ago

So I wasn't going to originally recorded this butt play session but I ended up deciding to anyway it turned out pretty good and I actually filmed it landscape this time AND rendered it properly. H...

A new toy 13:12

A new toy

by Mika
9311 views, 895 days ago

Finally did it. I ordered a XL Flared Chance. I love it with a passion.

Horsing around 09:55

Horsing around

by wolfysim
4612 views, 970 days ago

After a warmup with my gryphon I ride my live cast Henry. Xl Tyson. Large Rex. Then I fist my sloppy hole and gape myself. Had a lot of fun filming this one. Send me your requests via message her...