Im back trying XL Nova after a long break :) 03:14

Im back trying XL Nova after a long break :)

by NaughtyFoxButt
3627 views, 89 days ago

been on a long toying break and trying to ride my XL nova... seriously struggling with the larger toys now :(

A new toy 13:12

A new toy

by Mika
7604 views, 378 days ago

Finally did it. I ordered a XL Flared Chance. I love it with a passion.

Horsing around 09:55

Horsing around

by wolfysim
3973 views, 454 days ago

After a warmup with my gryphon I ride my live cast Henry. Xl Tyson. Large Rex. Then I fist my sloppy hole and gape myself. Had a lot of fun filming this one. Send me your requests via message her...

Vergils turn edited 03:23

Vergils turn edited

by RynnEsfarra
3283 views, 510 days ago

the sorely needed edited version and part 2 of my seadragon playtime. This is me finishing myself off with vergil. Camera didnt quite capture it but had a nice hands free finish that left me supe...

Taking a chance and finishing with a snake 10:03

Taking a chance and finishing with a snake

by RynnEsfarra
8209 views, 510 days ago

Well a pm got me eager to ride my XL chance again. Its been so long I couldnt take him all the way, so I was desperate for a finish and decided my naga would do the trick.

Long Night - Part Six - Gryphon 08:18

Long Night - Part Six - Gryphon

by epicsherbert
6290 views, 518 days ago

Wooo, the last of the six videos. I was pretty stretched out by then so I could ride it pretty well by then!

xl crackers riding 04:43

xl crackers riding

by 2002tiiguy
6990 views, 661 days ago

just a short video of me riding my xl crackers

david 03:26


by 2002tiiguy
13659 views, 797 days ago

me riding my xl david