Toy short 02:46

Toy short

3352 views, 3362 days ago

Quick vid of me riding my toy after a great conversation.

Running out of ideas 10:17

Running out of ideas

3632 views, 3382 days ago

Iced Earth are so confused right now...

Some metal 08:01

Some metal

5839 views, 3385 days ago

Don't really feel like myself. So, why not make a Video!

There was a spider in my bed. Tried to catch him but he got away. I'm sure he's under my bed right now plotting his revenge.


Drunk Cock Rock 11:05

Drunk Cock Rock

4808 views, 3402 days ago

Drunk playing guitar, Decided to jerk off with a dildo.

(NOTE: None of the music is mine)

Special 2 04:30

Special 2

3510 views, 3408 days ago

Same as last time only from the side.

Special for toypics 05:09

Special for toypics

3985 views, 3410 days ago

Me jerking off with a dildo. Probably not the usage most people expected. ^_^

From the side 10:22

From the side

6249 views, 3423 days ago

Taking my big blue friend. ^_^

First for Toy Pics 10:11

First for Toy Pics

7516 views, 3424 days ago

originally a Q&A for Xtube but I cut it down and lost the audio. Hope you enjoy. Lots of cum. :)