Blaze Ride 00:37

Blaze Ride

987 views, 347 days ago

Took my Blaze XL for another ride. Seems easier each time.

Depth 00:54


2477 views, 386 days ago

Why is it so much harder with depth rather than width? Trying Chance XL flared. Can only do it half way.

Stretching with Blaze XL 00:18

Stretching with Blaze XL

1838 views, 392 days ago

Trying to widen my ass a bit more.

Blaze XL form behind 01:00

Blaze XL form behind

3108 views, 412 days ago

Riding Blaze XL again

Blaze XL deepest ride 00:28

Blaze XL deepest ride

2141 views, 412 days ago

Was able to take my Blaze XL a bit deeper than last time.

Xar XL cum 00:33

Xar XL cum

1650 views, 455 days ago

It's difficult to get hard while having something this big in your ass, but I managed to cum, or atleast it's dripping out.

Chance XL 01:36

Chance XL

3487 views, 456 days ago

Taking Chance for a ride

Xar XL 00:43

Xar XL

1921 views, 457 days ago

Finally being able to take the Xar XL