Pushing in destroyer plug 02:50

Pushing in destroyer plug

by mgns
1689 views, 405 days ago

Training for bigger plugs - this one is already stretching me wiiide.

Another ride with Crackers 11:38

Another ride with Crackers

by Zoen
5253 views, 906 days ago

Ever since I've taken him once, I've been bringing Crackers out for almost every session of mine. He's *quite* filling! Also featuring a special cameo from my anthro shark!

XL Xar the Karabos nearly knotted 08:34

XL Xar the Karabos nearly knotted

by nasserhut
6405 views, 1074 days ago

maybe next time :-P

Eightrabbit versus Slither 05:45

Eightrabbit versus Slither

by eightrabbit
42918 views, 1294 days ago

My friend the Ass Magician tries to put all 26" in me.

EEDP 03:19


by heatskr2000
10868 views, 1687 days ago

Wide double penetration with two Exotic Erotics toys! An old favorite, large Elephant trunk, and new XL Croc.

Multi-toy madness 24:43

Multi-toy madness

by Mikey
51127 views, 1777 days ago

This was SOOOOO much fun, I forgot that I haven't tied that cole in a few months and moan like a bitch in heat when knotted. But that was part of the fun. Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching as much ...

Varka, Crackers and a Gryphon 05:27

Varka, Crackers and a Gryphon

by loldragondicks
30613 views, 1788 days ago

Enjoy ;)

XL Xar 04:36

XL Xar

by Otterboy
7659 views, 1880 days ago

My first video with my new XL Xar. boy this guy is BIG. I can't take the knot yet but this is the furthest I have been able to go down on him. I'll have to give it another try soon.