Hankey's L Seahorse 09:15

Hankey's L Seahorse

1413 views, 59 days ago

Sorry if the lube looks messy, this insane textured dildo demands a lot of it and creates a lot of foam (and noise). The head and last ring are intense... It's the large size in 75% firmness, custo...

Large Sleipnir workout 07:19

Large Sleipnir workout

3078 views, 322 days ago

Same session of the other Clayton video. The head and curve combo are too much but I'm working on it. The toy is a L Sleipnir, medium firmness in onyx black, with a carved suction cup.

Dripping XL Clayton 13:20

Dripping XL Clayton

2146 views, 322 days ago

Old vid, was a long time since I try this big, so I couldn't hilt it (I'll update when I have a better vid of that). The toy is a XL Clayton, soft shaft firm base, in the old Ridley's signature col...

Uncut Chode dick by Mr. Hankey's toys 22:51

Uncut Chode dick by Mr. Hankey's toys

3071 views, 338 days ago

Me fucking this fat cock in doggy style, riding, and sitting on it with cumshot in slow motion at the end. I love how thick, smooth, and stout is, and squish it, suck it, play with or just stare at...